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Voting glitches in Miami-Dade?

Secretary of State Kurt Browning said Tuesday night that it appears that some voters in Miami-Dade County had their party affiliation changed by mistake, a move that may have led to confusion when those voters then showed up on Election Day and wanted to vote in a particular primary.

Browning said there was a "form design" problem that led some voters to check a box and change their party when they didn't mean to do that. But he said that Miami-Dade apparently allowed some people to switch back on Election Day after evidence mounted that the mistake may have prompted by the faulty form.

"They said in cases where there records indicated that the voter should not have had their party changed, they went back in and changed that and satisfied the voter today,'' said Browning. When asked if that were legal, Browning said reporters needed to ask Miami-Dade Elections Supervisor Lester Sola.

But Browning added that the county made the changes "because they felt locally that there was enough evidence that the party should have not been changed initially. The supervisor has the latitude under the code ot make those changes."