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Where was Clinton's mug today?

She got a front-page display in The Miami Herald, but her picture was buried in The New York Times and USA Today. She did make the bottom of the front page of The Washington Post.

Looking at the way the national media treated Hillary Clinton's victory in Florida tells you something about the impact of her delegate-free, uncontested victory in Florida.

Some Obama supporters are wondering why Clinton got equal treatment with Republican winner John McCain on the Herald's front page, when the stakes in the races were so uneven. No doubt many Democratic readers would have called to complain had she not been out front.

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I am a democrat, have always voted democratic, but if Hillary Clinton is the nominee, I will be voting for the first republican I have ever voted for. I do not trust this women. It gets even more obvious everyday that she will do and say anything to get elected. There is something fundamentally wrong with that and with her. And if you think I am the only democrat who is thinking this way, the party is in for a rude awakening come Novemeber. Its about time the people of this party take a step back and look at the big picture and not just the snapshot.


The women will elect Hillary. This may be the only chance in a life time to have a woman president.Push comes to shove women will vote for Hillary and a woman president or they won't have the opportunity again for decades.

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