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Zogby poll in Florida: It's McCain v. Romney

The latest Zogby International poll shows Republican John McCain in a squeaker against Mitt Romney, with Rudy Giuliani trailing in third place in Florida.

McCain: 31%. Romney: 28%, Giuliani: 15%. Mike Huckabee: 10%. Ron Paul: 5%.

The survey shows McCain leading Romney among men, Paul dominating among young voters, and Romney with a hold on the oldest ones and the most conservative.

The three-day tracking poll included 814 likely Republican voters, and was conducted Jan. 23-25. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.

Said pollster John Zogby: "It was a big one-day result yesterday for McCain. Overall, he leads in the south, and also among men, moderates and Hispanics. Romney leads big among very conservative voters, but the two are tied in the I-4 Corridor, in the North, among women, in the big cities and the suburbs and among conservatives. With nearly one in every 10 Republicans undecided, there is still a long way to go in this one. Giuliani does well only among liberal Republicans."


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"John McCain is Bob Dole minus the charm, conservatism and youth. Like McCain, pollsters assured us that Dole was the most "electable" Republican. Unlike McCain, Dole didn't lie all the time while claiming to engage in Straight Talk." --Ann Coulter

"If nominated, John McCain will destroy the Republican Party."- Rush Limbaugh

"Florida will be the beginning of the end of Juan McLame's career of fighting for amnesty, teaming up with liberals against tax cuts, giving your social security away to illegals and being the single biggest backstabber to the conservative movement."- Me

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