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Crist to board McCain bus Monday with Giuliani gang

Gov. Charlie Crist will take the weekend off for a long-awaited rest and then return to the campaign trail on Monday to join Sen. John McCain in New York City for a public event and an evening fundraiser with friends of Rudy Giuliani and the former New York senator, Alfonse D'Amato.

The governor will then spend Super Tuesday with the senator in a multi-city fly-around, ending up in Phoenix to watch the results come in. At this point, advisors say, he is expected to finish up on Wednesday in planning meetings with the campaign.

While some close to Crist are interested in stoking this partisan push as proof that the governor is trying to increase his vice presidential chances should the Arizona senator win the nomination, others are downplaying that prospect. "I think Charlie Crist is on the list probably no matter what he does but I don't think Charlie wants to do it. He likes being governor,'' said one McCain advisor. "He gave John McCain five minutes notice he was going to endorse him. You don't do that if you're jockeying for something like VP.'' 


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"long awaited rest??" You people are unbelievable--what has this Governor done to NEED rest?

"long awaited rest??" You people are unbelievable--what has this Governor done to NEED rest?


well if you don't know by now, you simply aren't paying attention or deliberately don't want to know...


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