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Gonzalez wants to keep most Cuban-trained doctors out of the Florida hospitals

Call it another way to stick it to Fidel.

State Rep. Eduardo "Eddy" Gonzalez, a Republican from one of Miami-Dade's most Cuban American cities -- Hialeah -- has filed the "Cuban Practice of Medicine Bill" which would prohibit any U.S. Citizen or resident who traveled to Cuba for medical school from practicing or being licensed in Florida.

Gonzalez said he drafted the bill in response to past speeches from El Comandante offering American students free medical schooling in Cuba.

"There's plenty of places people can go to practice medicine," Gonzalez said in a phone interview. "They can come here, they can go to the Dominican Republic, it doesn't have to be Cuba. If there's an embargo this shouldn't be allowed."

Gonzalez says the bill would not effect any Cuban exiles who received their medical training on the island nation before coming to the United States. "They didn't have a choice of where to go study," Gonzalez said.

Will the bill go anywhere? Gonzalez isn't sure. "I'm going to give it a shot," he said.


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My sister went to Cuba and took a course from a surgeon who is world renowned for performing surgery on patients with cleft palates(particuarly children). Will she not be able to practice in Florida now because she took that course?

Read the article then post again. Reading comprehension is seemingly a dying art.

Great bill
Who's the Senate sponsor?

Great bill Mr. Gonzalez, keep up the fight against Castro. Ever since Mas Canosa passed away, we havent had a real leader against Fidel. Maybe you can carry the torch?

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