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Second term for Pruitt sounding possible?

With both Republican and Democratic polls showing the race between Sen. Jeff Atwater and former Sen. Skip Campbell a dead heat, there's a growing chorus of Republicans saying maybe it's time to alleviate the uncertainties and give Ken Pruitt another term. Atwater has been designated the next Senate president but it's a tough election year for Republicans and Campbell has shown the district has voted increasingly with Ds in recent elections.

Pruitt was elected to the Senate in 2000 but was among the group of senators given an extra two years after reapportionment in 2002. Other possible winners in the dead heat match-up: Jim King, another former Senate president whose term expires in 2010, Dennis Jones, who along with King will be running the Senate elections so Atwater can concentrate on his campaign, and Alex Villalobos, who was supposed to have a shot at the presidency until he was targeted and ousted.


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Jim King opened up a CCE recently. He is definitely gunning for it.

How is Jim King immune from term limits anyway?


What a bunch of crap! Atwater going to run a strong campaign - you can't compare the AG race to the State Senate race. Skip got a lot of support from area GOPers - that will not happen this year!


The race is a dead heat. Campbell could very much kick out Atwater. Atwater has voted against his constituents best interests and I am sure that will come out. He sold out his constituents so he could get a leadership position. He is trying to buy the election and re-create himself. All that money may not help him at all. He did not count on Jim King positioning himself for another run. Not Pruitt, but King. Villalobos has more support then they have paid attention to. It is up for grabs.


Atwater is going to lose. He is so worried and he knows the polls show he most likely loses. Atwater, you can't always buy what you want. But you most often get what you deserve. And you know what you deserve, don't you? Got a conscience?

This is so unnewsworthy but what can you expect from The Miami Herald.It's time people grow up and accept the political realities:

1.Jeff Atwater is the next Senate President
2.King and Pruitt had their day in the sun and it's time to move on.
3.Villalobos is despised by 90% of the republican caucus.

R Peterjen

I think it's pretty clear that Atwater is in serious trouble of losing his seat and the presidency. The polls and recent history of elections have proven it. I wouldn't count Villalobos out. Villalobos is only despized by the Jeb Bush cronies who tried to undo what the residents of Florida voted for in the school voucher issue. Villalobos won re-election and seems to have come back stronger than ever.

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