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Gonzalez sickened by newspaper's "diagnosis"

Eddy_gonzalez Rep. Eduardo "Eddy" Gonzalez, a Hialeah Republican, didn't take a recent dose of criticism dished by the Palm Beach Post editorial board too well. Gonzalez shot back at the Post today, over a March 23 editorial called "Diagnosis:Panderitis" where the paper criticized Gonzalez's Practice of Medicine Bill . Also dubbed by some the "Fidel Castro Scholarship Fund bill", Gonzalez's measure seeks to ban licensing doctors who were trained in Cuba. Cuban exiles would be exempt from the measure.

In a letter to Post editors Gonzalez wrote;

"I was elected to represent my constituents who, unlike your editorial board, do not take communism, tyranny, and legalized discrimination lightly, since many of them have suffered its effects firsthand."

The second term legislator, a former Hialeah City councilman, also noted;

"Contrary to myths promulgated by duplicitous American film directors who attack the very system that grants them their lives of privilege and luxury, ordinary Cuban citizens do not have access to their own beaches, their own hotels (which are all government owned), or uncensored information, among other things.  Specifically on the issue of health care, ordinary citizens are relegated to sub par, archaic, and quite frankly, abusive conditions in absolute squalor, while high-level government officials, communist party elites, and hard currency-paying foreigners are treated to proper care in state-of-the-art facilities.  This Cuban version of "free" health care is nothing more than health care apartheid, and I believe that those who selfishly turn a blind eye to such human and civil rights abuses do not possess the basic judgment and character required for the ethical practice of medicine in Florida.

For the complete letter download the link below:
Download response_to_diagnosis_panderitis_sunday_march_23_2008_palm_beach_post.EML.htm