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Guns at work bill passes with no debate

While 42 lawmakers voted against the legislation, no one debated against a House measure that being pushed by the NRA that would prohibit businesses from taking action against employees who bring guns to work, provided the guns are kept out of sight in the employees car.

The vote was not a strict party-line vote as five Republicans, including Rep. J.C. Planas from Westchester voted no. Four Democrats - including Rep. Ron Saunders from Key West - voted in favor of the bill. Newly elected Rep. Tony Sasso was also one of the Democrats who voted yes.


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They are out of their freaking minds. They are endangering every citizen in this state with their butt kissing the gun industry. Just how much money do they make with each bullet used to kill a kid? A grandparent? A wife? How much is the gun industry packing in the pockets of our legislators?

They need to be investigated and they need to be removed from elected office. Something is wrong.

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