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How did dentures get back in the budget? Rubio: my loan

When a befuddled reporter asked House Speaker Marco Rubio at a media availability today how the Medicaid money for dentures, eyeglasses and hearing aids that was cut last week from the Health and Human Services draft budget got restored when the final budget came out late Sunday, Rubio had this to offer:

"My home equity loan. I used it,'' he quipped, referring to the generous loan the Miami Herald chronicled, in which U.S. Century Bank gave him $185,000 in new equity a month after he closed on his West Miami home. That equity enabled him to draw a 10-year $135,000 home equity loan.


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Man, he is such a jerk!

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Oh no. why he did that matter. I can't believe.


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Thanks for sharing this news. Very strange response.


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