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It's not a Clinton rally but it sure feels like one

Hillary Clinton supporters are organizing a rally "to make our primary votes count" at 2 p.m. Friday at the South County Civic Center in Delray Beach.

Clinton, as anyone who's not living in the Everglades knows, has been calling for her victory in the state's Jan. 29 primary to count toward her delegate total. Her campaign portrays a noble crusade for voting rights, while rival Barack Obama has denounced her efforts as a political tactic aimed at boosting her delegate count.

"Please, no candidate's pins, t-shirts signs or other materials,'' says an e-mail promoting the rally. "This isn't about any one campaign -- it's about all of us and our right to have our votes count."


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I am on Obama person and we are all going because we care about our votes period. It is a damn shame that the media does not. Don't divide us


I love Obama and I am going because we need to come together for the people and maybe he will push to count our votes...won't he?


This is a good idea. Is Obama counting our votes now? I hope so because he needs to count out now otherwise he is going to not get it if he does get the nomination. Hillary needs to get this she is te only one that can win.


The bottom line is simple if Obama wants to lead let him do it now and take in account our votes. I think his Wright hand man lost it for him at least by most normal smart Americans


If Obama's people do not show up since they were invited they are the losers....regardless who wins. Losers

sheep. Clinton doesn't care about your votes. she wants an issue to distract from the corkscrew landing.

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