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LeMieux now making case for why Crist should be VP

Signal the drum roll. As the governor continues to tell audiences that he's "not been asked" to be John McCain's running mate, and he's "focused on Florida," George LeMieux, the former chief of staff to Gov. Charlie Crist is starting to sound like a one-man promotional campaign. In an interview with the Miami Herald business reporter Martha Brannigan, LeMieux extols the virtues of a Vice President Crist:

"His politics are very similar to Sen. McCain,'' LeMieux said. "They both are solution-oriented people who do not care who lends the good idea, who's there to help in the effort, whether you are Republican, Democrat, what part of the country, or in Charlie Crist's sense, what part of the state, they just want to get good results. And they are not, in that sense, partisans. ... I also believe that Gov. Crist had a strong hand to play in Sen. McCain winning Florida and winning therefore the nomination. ...

"You have the middle eight to ten, 10 to 12 states that are going to decide the election … the swing, battleground, purple states. Florida is the most important state. And of the big three …  Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania … there is no Republican other than Charlie Crist that I believe can really help deliver a state for John McCain."