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Pity Florida, give money

Hillary Clinton's cash-poor presidential campaign (as compared to rival Barack Obama's flush account) is increasingly using the neglect of Florida and Michigan voters as a fundraising appeal.

"Not big on quitting,'' reads one e-mail, alluding to some calls for her to give up. "Only 130 delegates separate Hillary from Senator Obama -- and that's not counting Florida and Michigan voters...There's no better way to tell Hillary that you support her staying in than to make a contribution to her campaign."

Another appeal reads: "The people of Michigan and Florida must have a voice in selecting our nominee for president...Click here to join me in showing our support for seating Florida and Michigan delegates at the convention."


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this is shameless on the part of the Clinton campaign

Hillary Clinton as the other candidates signed the pledge to not allow Michigan and Florida to countif they moved up their primary dates

The irony is if we had our primary march 4th as scheduled we could have been the decisive state

Sen Clinton is hurting the party by her constant harping on Florida and Michigan and trying to blame Sen Obama for this disenfranchisement

The Florida problem sits firmly on the shoulders of Karen Thurman and the state dem party - and no jockeying can move this burden

Someone in Florida to call on Sen Clinton to stop throwing fuel on the fire and making it worse for the democrats in November 2008

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