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Senate passes proposed education amendment

Senators on Thursday Wednesday voted 32-4 in favor of a proposed constitutional amendment that would give the Legislature power to set tuition rates at state universities and make the Education Commissioner an elected Cabinet position.

The four No votes: Sunrise Democrat Nan Rich, St. Petersburg Democrat Charlie Justice, Tampa Democrat Arthenia Joyner and Gainesville Republican Steve Oelrich.

The amendment still needs to pass the House by a three-fifths margin. If it's approved, the amendment would go on the November ballot and would need the support of at least 60 percent of voters.


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Look the Senate is flat out wrong in proposing this Amendment. The current Education Commissioner has an amazing background, and he could do wonders for the K-12 system. In addition, the Senate created this legislation so that the term limited Senate President could live off of public tax dollars. In addition, the current Board of Governors is fine as it is. The voters already created this body in 2002, and why in the heck should we vote on this legislation all over again?

Dwayne - if the Ed Commisioner is that good, then he can run for the job.

Also, quit lying about Ken Pruitt. He is not running for Ed Commissioner.

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