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The day after: Clinton on Florida

Check out what Democrat Hillary Clinton said on NBC's Today show this morning about her victories in the Florida and Michigan primaries that did not count toward delegates at the nominating convention.

"I think Florida and Michgian should count and obviously it's not to me or anyone to make these decisions for the people of Michigan and Florida,'' she said. "It is up to them. I have long said that they should not be the victims of the unfortunate consequences of some of these rule changes that the people of Florida, for example, had nothing to do with. They were dragged into this by the Republican governor and the Republican legislature. I don't think a Democrat can turn his or her back on Florida, so yes I think Michigan and Florida should count. How we get to them counting is really up to the people and the leadership of those two states."

Her response is interesting on two counts:

1. The idea that Democrats were "dragged'' into this is misleading. Sure, the Democrats probably could not have stopped the GOP-controlled Legislature from moving the date to Jan. 29, but they barely tried. Let's not forget that a Democrat -- Jeremy Ring of Parkland - sponsored the bill in the Senate, and Democrats voted overwhelmingly for the legislation in both chambers.

2. Notice that she is leaving open the possibility of the states holding new contests. In the past, her campaign has argued that states have already spoken.