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A surprise for Charlie courtesy of lawmakers

Among the dozens of conforming bills that lawmakers will approve alongside the $66.2 billion budget is one aimed squarely at Gov. Charlie Crist.

The measure, the conference report for SB 1892, would strip from Crist the power to decide who should be the head of the Agency for Enterprise Information Technology. Right now the person is hired by the governor and Cabinet but the governor has to vote yes. This conference bill would make that decision subject to a simple majority vote.

This move follows vain efforts by Attorney General Bill McCollum and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink in recent months to get Crist to spent at least $150,000 on a person to head the agency that oversees technology expenses for the state. The bill would also add additional qualifications to the person that eventually gets the job.


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That's the Joe Brigham Relief Act


Brigham gets nothing. Bye Bye Mr. Nobody.

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