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Ag Commish candidates may get a little help

The Florida Senate has tucked inside what was supposed to be a routine elections clean up bill a repeal of the state law that limits who can give money to candidates for Agriculture Commissioner. Currently state law says that no one associated with a grocery store or convenience store can give more than $100 to a candidate for commissioner as opposed to the normal $500 limit.

Records show that Sen. Burt Saunders stuck in the provision on SB 866 in the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Although it must be noted that Sen. Carey Baker, a potential candidate for agriculture commissioner, is on that committee as well.) The bill is one step away from passing the full Senate. Rep. Stan Mayfield, a Vero Beach Republican interested in running for agriculture commissioner in 2010, said it is wrong to place extra limits on agriculture commissioner candidates.

"It's seems a little archaic,'' said Mayfield. "It's a freedom of speech issue."


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Rep. Stan Mayfield is looking to contend for the Agriculture Commissioner's seat in a few years and he just lost my confidence in him as a candidate. Raising campaign funds during legislative session? That's dirty politics to me.

Tallahassee Chief of Staff

I love Mayfield, I have done all I can for him to become Ag/Commissioner..Calamity Jane

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