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Behind scene, King works with Dems to stop Webster's abortion bill

A top Republican senator is working behind the scenes with Democrats to defeat an abortion measure sponsored by the leader of his own party in the Senate.

The measure, which narrowly passed a Senate committee Tuesday, would require a woman seeking an abortion to get an ultrasound, and the abortion clinic would have to offer to show it to her and explain it before she undergoes the procedure.

A woman could opt out of the fetus viewing and explanation if she signs a form -- an extra hurdle to an abortion that Republican Sen. Jim King of Jacksonville said ''is intrusive to a woman's right'' to privacy. Rape, incest and domestic violence victims would be exempt.

King, the Senate rules chairman who manages the flow of legislation on the floor, has approached moderate Republicans to find out if they'll join Democrats to vote no, persuading Senate Republican leader Dan Webster to keep his abortion bill from coming to a full vote.

But Webster says he'll push ahead, regardless of the vote count.

''I'm going to give it everything I've got and bring it to a vote and let [senators] decide,'' Webster said. ``This Legislature was set up not to be a battleground for any thing other than ideas. It's not a battleground of personalities.''

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Cynical Idealist

Methinks Sen. King has yet to forget losing the Speaker's race to Sen. Webster...

Tells it like it is

The Republicans have to rely on ultra conservative issues to rally their base, this republican legislature has shown no ability to govern this state- their budget balances itself on the backs of children, health care, education and the most vulnerable. They are in deep trouble and can only show success with God, guns and abortion issues. That will be all they have to show for this legislative session. They are bankrupt in ideas to create a new and vibrant florida. People are and will continue toleave the state in droves. They will suffer severe rejection when it counts,in November.

God save the King

Great to see that there is at least one Reagan Republican left. Thank you Senator King.


Didn't someone else recently go against leadership and get his position yanked?


Tells it like it is:

You hit the nail on the head this senate will go down in Florida's history, as one of the most self serving, out of touch, egotistical, devoid of leadership, incompetent group of senators FL has ever suffered under. Hopefully the voters will wake up and elect officials that will work for them!!!

disgusted- you must not remember what tallahassee was like before the internet

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