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Bestiality ban passes Senate committee. The sordid case of Lucky the guide dog. And the House?

Sunrise Sen. Nan Rich's proposal to make it a crime to have sex with animals (yes, it's legal in Florida) finally got a hearing and a swift unanimous vote in the Senate Criminal Justice committee. Rich, a child's rights advocate, said that those who abuse animals (sexually and otherwise) are likely to do the same to kids.

The bill was precipitated by the sex assualt-related strangulation of a goat in Mossy Head (full story here), but other terrible tales have now surfaced.

Before the vote, Leon County prosecutor Michael Bauer sent Rich and other senators a letter recounting his troubles prosecuting the 2006 case of a blind guy who had sex with his male yellow Lab "Lucky." The man explained "freely about his regular sexual acitivities with his dog and said he would take the dog for a walk prior to sex to 'prevent fecal impact.'"

Bauer wrote that the case would have been easier to prosecute if a bestiality ban were in place. Ultimately, the man was convicted of a cruelty to animal charge and he got three years of sex-offender probation.

"The clear status of our state law at this point is that the FLorida Legislature has not prohibited bestiality in our State. Bestiality is currently legal in Florida!" Bauer wrote. "Please do your part to make this easy judgment call."

So far, the bill has yet to be heard in the House. We'll find out why.

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Well, the state is broke, insurance is itself a catastrophe, the mortgage industry is gone, and home construction is dead in the water....

but out legislature can see fit to invest time to prevent people from doing "old yeller."

Do dogs complain about sexual abuse? Is anyone weird enough to do Fido going to care about the law?

They should have better things to do....

My goodness! What is in their minds?

Florida's a mess & They should have better things to do....
Get rid of Nan Rich !

Rebecca of Sonnybrook farm

Is that all they think about?


They protect dogs & leave the humans to fend for themselves by encouraging people to bring guns to work?

'bout time

This is an issue that should have been law long ago. Yes, the legislature has plenty to do, but this is way past due. This is a no brainer and should take them no time (or money) and next time some creep violates the rights of any dog, horse, goat, whatever for goodness sake - they will pay a penalty. You all don't care because these animals cannot speak for themselves. Thank goodness people like in this article can speak for them!!


Absolutely unbelievable that someone who posted above would cite some completely irrelevant monetary issues (people bought homes they could not afford and it's the State's fault?) versus what the effective "legalization of bestiality" says about our state. Our state is definitely in the minority on this one. Not even the Greeks or Romans could top this. Take your lucre and leave. Short-sighted idiots like this are going to take us all straight to hell.

Roy, Miami FL

What do you expect in a state where it is illegal to let your dog ride in the back of a pick up? But perfectly legal to let your day laborers ride back there.


Here spot, come here boy.


If this passes, my ex-wife will never get laid again.


I agree that there are more pressing issues, but this should be a no-brainer. They file the papers, there's a unanimous vote, another unanimous vote, and the gov signs it. Is there anything at all to debate here? No... so get it done. Disgraceful.

'bout time

What is next with the House? This needs to pass both sides and move on to be signed by the ole Gov. Please keep us posted. This is a troublesome topic and would be relieved to know that the law was created.


This bill is ridiculous. All the proof you need is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_it12C2UiE

It disgusts me that this senator is using children to push her religious beliefs. Human/animal sex has nothing to do with children and the above video proves that often it's the humans that need protection.

This senator is a hypocrite. If she gave a rat's @$$ about children, she would make sure they didn't grow up in a country where they could be raped and tortured by their government via the USA Patriot Act. And yes, that act does allow the government to rape and torture children to get them or their parents to talk. And there is no way to prosecute the government for doing so or to prevent it from destroying evidence.

There are real threats to children and adults. This bill is nothing more than a religious b1tch forcing her religion down other people's throats. She thinks it's immoral to have sex with animals. It's not. It's just damn disgusting.

I'm disgusted by the thought of fat people having sex, but I don't think that should be illegal. Maybe we should pass a bill that says politicians and their descendants (if they already have some) can't have sex. I'd vote for that.


There are many issues for our state legislature to consider this session. Some of the above comments are silly and some are off base. This bill is long past due. I think its pretty embarrassing that our state has not yet made this a crime. Most of the country passed a law against having sex with animals a long time ago. Animal abuse is just as serious as other forms of abuse. Its been shown that many violent criminals begin hurting animals and then move onto humans. Can Florida please catch up with modern justice?


"'bout time" let me refute your video evidence with a bit of my own: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBGIQ7ZuuiU.

It's not immoral? Damn straight it is. Morals are social conventions. The majority of who DON'T fark dogs say farking dogs is outside of acceptible behavior. That's what defines morality, not your individual opinion but the accepted opinion at of the public at large.


Now we know why the dog was called Yeller


How does anyone know this is animal "abuse"? Have they complained?

Georgie W Bushie

Ok, maybe I am just going out on a limb here... but the last time I checked... someone who is busy doing Fido the poodle is either REALLY pathetic or EXTREMELY mentally damaged. That being said.. morality is very subjective... what may be moral and perfectly ok to me may not be moral and perfectly ok to you. For example, to me it is ok to get falling down slobbering drunk so long as you do it responsibly.... to others.. thats not ok.

To many religious people it is perfectly ok to drag your children to church, make them listen to unprovable dribble, and then scare the hell out of them with threats of burning forever in a lake of fire if they don't repent thier evil ways and believe like the parents do.. to me.. thats not ok.. in fact if you ask me it's borderline child abuse... BUT... it's not for me to decide what morals are best for you to live your life by... it's up to you.. and so long as you live your life without harming somone else.. quite frankly.. it's your business.

Look... if getting your groove thing on with Spot is what yanks yer crank then.. even though I think that makes you a pretty disgusting piece of white trash worthy of your own episode on the Jerry Springer show.. quite frankly.. it's still none of my business... or anyone else's for that matter... but you also need to understand... the majority of us don't want to see it, hear about it, or even think about it.

And on a side note... how do we know the animals don't enjoy being "serviced" by a human???

John Kraft

I hope the language of the bill doesn't mirror the stupidity of the bestiality law which was on the books in Montana for many years. It defined bestiality as "illicit intercourse with fish, fowl, beast or insect". I submit the legislators were far more perverse in their thinking than anyone they wanted to control with that law. LOL!

Todd Williams

i know for a fact many of the Florida Gator Atheletes come to Florida so they can screw sheep.

Snoop Dogg

Once you go human, you never go back.

average joe

well its a person sexual pefrence we can't go against a that if we do whay dont we do that to homosexual people. yes its harmful to the animals, but what people have sex with is completely their choice.

Joakim Noah

Why do you people think I wanted to play for the Gators??


A lot of people assume that animals cannot consent to sex with humans. I think a male animal having sex with a person is consentual given that it wouldn't happen if the animal wasn't interested. I also think that most animals can object by biting , kicking, running away. Now if people are tying up these animals or the like, that is definitely abuse. I think it's a stretch, though, to assume it's always abuse and not part of a loving, caring relationship.

Dick C. Flatline

Sex with animals? Ah, NOW I understand where those morons with the giant speakers in their cars come from.

Seymour Butts

Now I know where the Lizard Man came from in South Carolina!


There are physiological changes in male animals that is evident - that is not the same as consent. I think it's incredibly pathetic that anyone is so afraid of other people that they have to turn to animals for sexual gratification. Get a grip, people!


i always thought it strange that it was ok to murder a sheep and eat it but if you made love to it they put in jail


The only problem with having sex with animals is the risk of breaking there necks when you turn there heads to kiss them during intercourse!

gerard pawling

looks like i'll be moving out of the sunshine state - along with baxter


This is another thing to control peoples personal lives, bigots should be shot and removed from office.

The mathematics of love doesn't see an odd with interspecies matting, love is love and isn't limited and those who think it is I want to see die left and right of me.

Two odds (one species plus another = even or the same goes with same sex as well)

It is all bigotry and who controls who based on their religious morals, your morals are not mine and if you press them further on me you end up in the hospital at minimum.

All we need is 3 people from each state to start taking out the bigot trash, it's time for another civil war, get religion and bigots out of politics or else.

Your mother

So they take the two most unacceptable cases and say that everyone who loves (like really loves, lol) animals is going make the dog the receiver (absolutely no pun intended) or is going to kill it afterward? There's some bias here. I think it's gross, but I also think it's people's business if they want to have a dog do them instead of a guy (in the case most common, which is a homosexual guy receiving, which is by far the minority of the gay population). Pedophilia is way off the charts from anything else (except murder) so that's just lawyers trying to win a case. Unless they aren't the one's taking it or they are killing animals leave them the hell alone. They aren't harming anyone. I'll bet a dog sitting in the backyard all day with no females can't possibly complain. Everyone involved with bestiality in the area will either move out or move it underground. That includes the .01% that enjoy torturing, killing and/or stuffing animals (jeez, no pun intended, it's like I can't help it). Anyway, if you like underground animal killers, then this bill was the right choice.


I think this is pretty stupid I mean come on. Many people practice zoophilia. It's a sexual attraction on "both sides of the relationship". All in all I don't know why people cant do it. It's not like like they are hurting anyone or any animal. The few that do should go to jail for hurting animals, but VERY few do in fact hurt the animal. Having sex with the animal doesn't hurt it, the animal can actually tell you when its wants to have sex by its body language. So these idiots are making a big deal over nothing.

Barber Shop

The point is, who is God's name would even think to have a law banning people from having sex with an animal. The whole thing is totally unthinkable. It is ineffable. Who the hell would do such a thing? If they did not have a law prohibiting it, it was probably because nobody had ever thought anyone would do such a thing to begin with. Therefore, why have a law against some act that was inconceivable?

I would never in my wildest nightmares ever dream there was anyone who would do such a thing in the first place.


Last I checked, Florida lights up like a freaking Christmas tree on the sex offender locations. I see how now. Seems they're pretty sexually liberated....creeps. Come on FLORIDA! Get with the FREAKING PROGRAM. Not all Floridians should be humiliated by their state, it's not their fault.


sorry to burst everyone bubble. there is law. its just not enough punishment according to Senator Rich. and even tho the thought is disgusting there is no evidence linking this act to violence against children.
and if someone is doing this don't they need therapy or at the least a psychological evaluation?


As long the animals is not hurt or forced, who cares, animal abuse laws already punish abusive sex with animal, why make another law doing the same.
People having sex with animals in a non-abusive way should be left alone, they not breaking any law.


You wont believe how many blind people have sex with their dogs, they get emotionally attached to them and it reaches to sexual levels, and of course they love the dog very much, they don't do stuff that may hurt them.


These apathetic and condoning comments are unbelievably disturbing. Scary that these "people" share the same planet. Obviously mentally disturbed or making idiotic comments just to antagonize, which also makes them mentally disturbed. Stop breathing already PLEASE.


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these black haired males withblue eyes hump blind children with dogs making beastality legal makes child molestation legalnot understandthis in florida made child molestation legal pedophilia beastality who would have to bring this up to cops and sheriffsand corrections and hrs and other agencies you caint do this inthe community to chidlren andfamiliesifyou do not to bother other people about i why are you diongthis at all you cant have a abnormal causeand baker act anyone people like this to any institution the state of florida insane all ofyou nothing you could havedone toanyone did you arrested people put people in crazy house call the places think other people are crazy and your not sickagencies working with families belonged in anut house all of you


why is it everyone's business what someone does sexually, just cuz everyone doesnt agree with it, it should be illegal? i dont think so, i agree there might be a fine line between bestiality and animal cruelty, but it is not the same thing.


In MI, and im sure other places a man having sex with another man it against the law, a charge of the abominable and detestable crime against nature. same charge someone would get if caught having sex with an animal. just a point that laws are made because the people in power think they know whats right and wrong. the government have no place in peoples bedrooms.

Joy Strahberry

Beastiality in California is against the law, but that does not stop the group, including a senator, judges, CEO's, high officials from doing it. They were caught and the courts threw out the case, even when the abuse was also directed at women, children, (prostitution, etc..)-with pictures assertained through an investigation- the Contra Costa Courts even lost the file! Because the video was $500.00- bought by your representative, judges, etc...The dogs involved died due to a complication of a sexual transmitted disease- horrible death.

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