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Bikers be advised: pop a wheelie pay a fine

Wheeliepopping Bikers beware: Pop a wheelie pay a fine.

A measure banning wheelies and increasing speeding fines for bikers and motorists alike  is on its way to Gov. Charlie Crist's desk for final approval. Sonsored by Rep. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, a Miami Republican, and Sen. Rudy Garcia, a Hialeah Republican the measure passed the House Friday morning, and passed the Senate Tuesday morning.

So contentious was the issue that Capitol Police launched an investigation into a death threat against Lopez-Cantera.

"Clearly I must now kill and eat Carlos Lopez-Cantera," wrote a blogger known as thebullfrog on the jalopnik.com website.

Read more about the bill and thebullfrog here.


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How anyone could be against this new law, is beyond me. If a car driver were to be driving so recklessly, wouldn't the public demand stiffer laws and penalties? I don't understand how riding recklessly on a motorcycles is any safer. I've seen motorcycle accidents between a car and motorcycle where you'd think it the car had gotten hit by another car it was so badly mangled. If anything, I'd say this measure is long overdue!


Well, there goes MotoCross


I personally think this law is BS. Why does a person purchase a motorcycle? To enjoy the liberty of it. Right? How could justify this law, if someone with thier life in thier own hands puts it at risk, thats thier problem, no?


I have been riding sportbikes since I was 15(27 years). I spent 9 years riding in Italy while in the military. The USA is the only place I am scared to ride. The europeans grew up on motorcycles and respect them. Only here in the U.S have I had cars cutting me off, trying to share my lane and plenty of other things. The laws against bikers are strict enough. Riding wheelies is not dangerous if you know what your doing and are aware of your surroundings. Yes some riders are young and think they are invincible. If you are riding wheelies down the middle of the highway in traffic you deserve to be ticketed or have your bike impounded because you are endangering other drivers. I believe they have a thing called reckless driving already on the books, so there is no need for additional laws.


Actually, EM, the reckless driving statute was deemed unconstitutional for vagueness. But there is a careless driving statute.
As for irresponsible riding being the biker's "problem," I'll agree up to the point they don't hurt others or themselves.
See, if they're not insured, taxpayers foot the bill for their medical expenses, etc.


This is ridiculous, Mr. Lopez-Cantera himself rides and has said that he opens up the bike to clean out the carbs. It's crazy that he shows up at bike shows when people are getting arrested but no one does anything about people driving cars that throw themselves on mototrcyclists. All this law is doing is making motorcylcists run faster to not get caught, making the risk for everyone higher.


With all the serious problems facing Florida, this is the best these clowns can do?

Make popping wheelies illegal?

We are doomed!

Thank the Legal Minds!

Big Bull S...., if they run Police Officers can't chase and BYE BYE there goes your stupid law. "THEY DON"T HAVE TO STOP", stop wasting time and our tax dollars!

Ashton Mack

This law is non-sense due to the excessive penalties. I was handed one of these $1000 dollar tickets for and accidental wheelie. I was simply accelerated into traffic out of a parking lot when front tire barely left the pavement in first gear. As soon as it happened I let off. The officer said I only went 10 feet with the front tire off the ground. Do the math, at 40mph holding the tire off the ground for teen feet means the tire was in the air four only 1/4 of a second. Obviously it was accidental. So instead of a warning, careless driving, or anything else I get an automatic $1000 dollars. Thats why this law is bogus.

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