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Cuba Si! Travel No! Rivera's coveted bill passes in the legislature

David_riveraNinety miles south of Miami there is a nation harboring "terrorist...drug dealers...cop killers," Rep. David Rivera, told House members Wednesday night in one last plea to approve his bill taking aim at travel agents selling trips to Cuba.

With three days left in the session, Rivera was successful in getting his "Sellers of Travel" bill passed through the legislature Wednesday night. The measure requires travel agencies selling trips to countries deemed "terrorist nations" by the U.S. State Department, to register with the state for a fee of $2,500, and place up to $300,000 in bond money.

Rivera's bill made its way through the session, despite numerous tongue lashings from Miami based travel agents lambasting the measure as "pandering" during committee meetings, and some legislators questioning the need for state regulation of a business already regulated by the federal government.

The senate version of the bill, sponsored by Sen. Carey Baker, a Eustis Republican, passed in the Senate earlier Wednesday afternoon, positioning it for final passage in the House.

Also chiming in on the bill during debate, was Rep. Eduardo "Eddy" Gonzalez, a Hialeah Republican, who was born in Cuba but left the country as a youngster. Gonzalez said the bill was necessary to make it harder on Cuban visitors opting to only stay in the country for a couple of months.

"We should make it as difficult as for those people to go back," Gonzalez said. "People who want to go back after three or four months should stay there."

The measure comes a day after Cuban government officials announced a 15% hike in foreign tourism to the island.


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It's not Rivera's last term...

And Diaz de la Portia didn't sponsor the Senate version! And you call yourself a journalist?

Mr.Gonzalez is absolutely right. How do these cuban's arrive in Miami because of political persecution, but they travel back to cuba 3 months later. Doesnt make any sense.

T. Gonzalez

The clowns elected by a closed-minded and marginal slice of the population continue aiding and abetting the endurance of the Castro regime by separating families and increasing Cuba's isolation. The Castro brothers need no Berlin wall to keep their sick Marxist system sheltered, they've got all these "ignorant yahoos" in Miami doing it for them. Fifty years and counting.


I will like to know what group or person or member of the govertment , put the law that only people that have parents or brothers and sister can go to visit Cuba. I think that is cruel because me and my family are waiting to go to Cuba to show my country to my children and I think that law is cruel. those persons that made that law do not have any patriotism or care of the sentiments of a
Cuban that love her country no matter what and
beside there are here in th USA eating well and problably drinking and merry and they don't even think of the family they have in CUBA

Please tell me who I have to write to do away the that cruel law


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