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Here's a bill idea: Put down the gum

Gum1 I hope the real political writers on this blog will indulge me for a moment while I rant about a peeve that baffles me every time I'm in Tallahassee: Chewing gum.

The Capitol is a pretty spiffy place -- powerful, smart people are dressed to the nines, doing important business for the great state of Florida. But never, with the exception of airports, have I seen more egregious gum-snappers in one place.

Take the young lady at left, for example. Here I am, sitting in the House Policy and Budget Council, trying to listen to the debate. But all I can hear is her blowing bubbles and pulling them back into her mouth to pop. It's digusting. It's uncouth.

And it's not just her; gum-chewers like this are everywhere here.

Look, I understand that sitting in long legislative meetings can make one's breath a little funky, and that's bad for business for lobbyists, politicians and journalists alike. But come on, folks. Brush your teeth a little longer in the morning or drink water throughout the day.

And if you must chew, keep it quiet and keep it in your mouth. Please? 


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Score one for manners. I agree. It is extremely unprofessional. If you chew gum loudly in a committee, please know that the members can hear you and some of us are grossed out by it. Please save the gum flapping and clicking for the ballpark.


Now it is Gum, yester-year it was cigarettes, what is next. DO I breathe to loud??

come on, if you can't hear a "live" committee watch it online, or sit closer, or stop talking.
If you can't sit closer, get there EARLY.

I have sat in committees in Tallahassee and it is the folks who rudely talk while I am paying attention not the one in a million chewing gum.

And even worse what do you do with the nice woman who wears too much perfume, which makes me ill, take a better shower and brush your teeth.


John, I am all for gum-chewers being banished to snap and crack and pop outside, like smokers. Good riddance.
P.S. - I smelled that perfume lady today, too. Pee-eww!

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