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How to win votes and influence Miami legislators

The third attempt at re-writing the controversial CSX  bill includes a new little nugget designed to help the City of Miami and its city beautification project. The language, which creates a pilot program to include "the boundaries of the City of Miami' will allow the city and county to regulate mural-sized advertising which have been proliferating on high-rise buildings around the city.

The amendment was tucked into the House version of the CSX bill by sponsor Rep. Dean Cannon, who wants the bill to help bring Orlando the long-awaited commuter rail. The proposal sets aside $450 million in DOT cash to pay CSX for its rail line, gives the company soverign immunity and allows the new rail line to avoid using union labor. The trouble is, several Miami-Dade legislators hadn't seen much in the controversial measure for them. Perhaps, until now?

It worked. The House approved to CSX bill 77-39.