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"Howard the coward! Count our votes!"

Six busloads of Floridians protested in front of Democratic National Committee headquarters this morning, calling on DNC chief Howard Dean to restore Florida's role in the presidential nominating contest.

"I'm one of those senior white women and we're not invisible anymore," said Carolyn Greer, 59, of Ocala, a registered independent who said she had hoped to vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Greer, like Clinton, says she wants Florida to count "before there's a nominee, not after.

"If they wait til after, what does it matter?" Greer said. "If he waits til after a nominee's been picked, then this old gal is going to vote Republican. Because (John) McCain is at least a patriot."

Dean wasn't in town, but DNC staffers met with several protestors and handed out flyers in English and Spanish noting that "on April 2nd, in front of this very building," Dean vowed to ensure that the Florida delegation is seated at the convention in Denver.

The Republican Party of Florida didn't waste time in poking fun at the Democrats' debacle. (Florida Dems lost all their delegates for participating in an early primary; GOP'ers lost only half their delegates.

Dnc_shirt_3 Photo: Courtesy a RPOF press release.

Organizers said 352 people boarded six buses from several Florida cities for the 20-hour plus trip to DC.

Here's some video from the event: Anyone look familiar?