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"Howard the coward! Count our votes!"

Six busloads of Floridians protested in front of Democratic National Committee headquarters this morning, calling on DNC chief Howard Dean to restore Florida's role in the presidential nominating contest.

"I'm one of those senior white women and we're not invisible anymore," said Carolyn Greer, 59, of Ocala, a registered independent who said she had hoped to vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Greer, like Clinton, says she wants Florida to count "before there's a nominee, not after.

"If they wait til after, what does it matter?" Greer said. "If he waits til after a nominee's been picked, then this old gal is going to vote Republican. Because (John) McCain is at least a patriot."

Dean wasn't in town, but DNC staffers met with several protestors and handed out flyers in English and Spanish noting that "on April 2nd, in front of this very building," Dean vowed to ensure that the Florida delegation is seated at the convention in Denver.

The Republican Party of Florida didn't waste time in poking fun at the Democrats' debacle. (Florida Dems lost all their delegates for participating in an early primary; GOP'ers lost only half their delegates.

Dnc_shirt_3 Photo: Courtesy a RPOF press release.

Organizers said 352 people boarded six buses from several Florida cities for the 20-hour plus trip to DC.

Here's some video from the event: Anyone look familiar?


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Why is a registered independent voter protesting?

Let these racist vote republican, after all that is what they really are. Working with the likes of Rush limbauh and using the MaCain strategy, the Hillary Clinton campaign has infused all the republican stratgies inlcuding racism to try to "steal" the nomination from Obama. These racist are really saying they will never vote for a "black" candidate can all go to hell!!!!. Presidsnt Obama will be the next great president of the US.

2:10 -

You must be one of those idiots.

It's not that he's black, it's the fact that he's an outright Marxist.

But to you people, any criticism of Obama is "racist".



Typical Barack Supporters, DIVISIVE

Im a Hillary supporter and cant count how many times ive been called a "racist". These statements coming from supporters of a campaign that is about "hope", "inspiration", and "unity". Ive never seen anything as hypocritical.

Listen to his stump speech the guy is a 30 second sound bit for an hour. Ive never seen someone so good at BS in my life.

On to Florida, Obama likes to pretend he didnt campaign, well he did, Im a Floridian and had the opportunity to see Barack twice. He ran commercials in our state a full week b4 our vote (6.6 million households reached). Then his supporters blocked a revote, crying that people voted republican that would have voted for him.

So im here to say our vote should count. It was no "beauty contest". For those who say "I didnt go vote for Barack because my vote didnt count" Well looks like you werent "inspired" to get involved in politics


Ed, I'm with you; the double standard is incredible from Obama supporters who only see race as the reason to vote; I don't care about color, I care about the shallowness and lack of patriotism of this man AND his wife, who clearly sports a huge chip on her shoulder; those who think Obama will be the one running the White House have another thing coming, she'll be in the background stirring racism and divisiveness. And if he really had disagreed with Wright's views, he should walked out of that church 20years ago, not wait till now when his candidacy is in a crisis to disavow him; Obama's hypocrisy and underhanded tactis, lies and lack of patriotism are stunning; if this is now, if he happens to get elected, wait till he's in the White House.

These people that protested speak for me! Thank you! We also had Al Sharpton down here rallying people to say they didn't vote because it wouldn't count. No one said that before. Obama has blocked Florida and cheated down here for the last time. He is a CHEATER!!!!

Obama has the nerve to say the last Democratic president was no better than the Republicans. He should be tarred and feathered for that alone.

He's called Floridas' people names and ridiculed both Florida and Ohio over live TV after his Potomac victory because of these 2 states voting woes. Who's gonna stop us now? Florida chuckle, Ohio chuckle. Well, yes we are!!!

I tired of his many lies about Wright and his shady associations. I'm tired of him calling me a typical white person that says things behind closed doors that makes him cringe. He is not unifying! He and his supporters are vicious racist and I will not put up with this ....!


The Reps set u up and Hil voted for the penalty . Talk to your girl LOL


"Stealing" an election means making sure some votes don't count so that the unelected individual becomes president. It happened in 2000, and it's about to happen again. But this time the people trying to make sure the votes don't count are Senator Obama and his cronies. You can be sure that if he had won Michigan and Florida, Dean would be seating those delegates and saying "we can't disenfranchise all those voters". Obama has said he's bored with campaigning... how bored is he going to be facing the real job of being president. This guy is an Emperor With No Clothes, just like Bush. And it's Obama's herd of KoolAid drinkers who are trying to steal the election by not counting votes.

No Obama In PA

This is what I love about our great nation! This is true democracy in action! This is part of what makes us so darned great and why I am so proud to say that I am an American!!

Now count these peoples votes, DNC!


The DNC does not run this Country, the Citizens do. You work for us. We are the boss!!! You count our votes or you will be fired. Trust us on that!!!


you know they all work for us.we should remind them that a lot of them have to be Reelected in November.If they cheat Hillary out of the Election.then it is time to clean both houses out and put new people in.ones that know that they work for the people of the USA not the other way around.


Diane Butler

There have been several solutions offered up that would satisfy the requirements to do the right thing and COUNT ALL THE VOTES and LET MICHIGAN voters in too. It is Mr.Obama who is holding it up and Hillary Clinton that is having to pay the price (again as usual). The Dem.Party says they cannot find a way to make it fair for them both but since they haven't done anything but push Mr.Obama onto the rest of us, why should we believe that? It is the Party that wants her disqualified and they have tried every trick in the book, threatened the loss of the election (of course, this would be blamed on Hillary), demanded that the superdelegates make up their minds (even beore the Pennsylvania primaries, etc. etc. It is interesting to me that when push comes to shove ( in the 'Old Boy's Club') that it is the woman they just assume (ASSUME) should curtsie nicely and bow out. SHAME ON THEM and GO HILLARY CLINTON


The Democratic Party is looking disgraceful these days. As Mayor Nutter stated in Philadelphia, Democrats don't leave votes on the table. These votes need to be counted now, and they should be counted as voted. It was Obama's campaign that decided to take his name off the ballot in Michigan to try and curry favor from the voters in Iowa. He should have to pay the price. In Florida, he campaigned, against rules, and his name was on the ballot. Come on DNC, get real. That contest should count as is. COUNT ALL THE VOTES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jorge Silvia

The DNC is doing everything they can to destroy the party.This is why i became an Independent.Obama has run an offensive and divisive campaign the whole time and with the Main Stream Media's help they have effectively stole the election.If the people had known more about this guy that the MEDIA "hid" facts on him that they knew all along,We wouldn't be in this mess.I voted for Hillary in Florida but If this guy that has been running a bigotted(RACIST)Elitist campaign is pushed on us by the DNC i will vote for McCain.The DNC needs to be disbanned,they have done everything they could to discredit the 2 candidates that could represent this country greatly.Hillary or McCain stand far and above this hateful man,but the dNC continues to spread lies and misinformation on both of them.McCain has voted so many times with Democrats andwas loved by many in the DNC because f his willingness to compromise and work for a better America but now they hate him as they Hate Hillary.I realize they need to court the minority vote,but to discriminate aganst Hillary because of her color or sex??This is not the kind of "change" America needs..this is the NEW/OLD style of Dirty Politics ...I think Obama quoted awhile ago said Hillary should wait until he unleashes his style of Chicago Politics-She ain't seen nothing yet!!! We have sen these Chicago Style politics before and found you and your kind wanting Obama....Go back to the Panther rally where you came from and stop destorying America with your divisiveness. BTW -Obam you are going to push soo many Latinos to vote for McCain if the DNC appoints you.McCain has actually tried to help with Immigration-We already know you don't liek anyone that doesn't look like you!!!!!!!!!

aTypical White Woman

Why do Independents protest the failure to count votes in America - anywhere in America?
It is because we are Americans and patriots. We want any vote cast by any American anywhere irregardless of party affiliation, choice of candidate, race, gender, or any other descriptor to be COUNTED and delegates seated as per the election result.This is the premise of America - One America, One Vote. I ask how could any American not be furious that any vote might not be ocunted by the DNC, RNC or anybody else????

sally j

Wasn't it the DNC that kept pointing out that Gore won the popular vote and now they want to dismiss that when it comes to Hillary. And havent kennedy and richardson said go with the will of the people but their states and their states went for Hillary and they are supporting Obama. Are Dean, Pelosi, Richardson and Kennedy looking to be Vice President or does Pelosi just want to be sure she is the most powerfull woman in Washington and not Hillary????

carl saunders




1.7 million Florida Democrats voted on January 29th, 2008 and we need to get our delegates seated based on the outcome of our votes.

FDR calls upon all voters, nationwide, to stand with us.

Please check us out and sign our petition:


We (Florida Demands Representation) and the group Lulac, are who was protesting in front of the DNC.


aTypical White Woman

Donna Brazile has stated that there is a new coalition for the Democrats: young voters, African American voters, and college educated voters. She said that we could just "stay home" and that we are a part of the old coalition - white blue collar, seniors, and hispanics [and women] and they do not need us anymore. I guess she means the "bitter" people.
We are going to make it RAIN McCAIN in November!!


Floridas voters never approved a change in the Primary day it was forced upon them. The Rep.David Rivera(R) of Miami, & the GOP knew what they were doing when they pushed through HB537. Ironic, that is the same # of votes that stole the Presidency from Al Gore, to make him lose the election in 2000. It is noted that there was so much pork fat attached to that bill, it was just greased on through the GOP controlled FL Legislature & on to Republican Governor Crist. With that action, it moved up the Primary day. The GOP knowing full well the Democrats would have Hillary & Obama as the front runners & the DNC would punish our delegates. The GOP counted on America with its closet racists & bigots to be so upset they would vote Republican rather than let a black man in the White House. DEMOCRATS UNITE!! We don't have to throw our votes to McCain Hillary can be the first woman President to take office as a write in candidate. Hillary needs to be Inaugrated in Jan 2009.

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