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In the middle of the night, Robaina's phantom move

In the middle of the night Rep. Julio Robaina, a Miami Republican, got his fellow colleagues on the House floor to amend a lengthy elections bill that would lessen the penalties against someone who does not disclose if they paid for a campaign ad.

Shortly before midnight, Robaina said that what he wanted to do was merely eliminate penalties against people who fail to follow a provision of the election code. Robaina said it was wrong to subject those people to a misdemeanor, as opposed to just a fine from the elections commission. (Of course, it is worth noting that last year lawmakers changed the law so that a person can't file a complaint against the elections commission without "personal knowledge" of the violation.)

But the penalty that Robaina was discussing was drawn to a section of the law that requires an individual who decides to pay for an independent expenditure, which could be an ad for or against a candidate, to place a disclaimer on the ad saying exactly who paid for it.


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Bad law...I guess we know what Rubio/Rivera plan to do with all of the 527 and CCE money they have hidden away over the last two years...trash any opponent and hide their identity....a true sign of weakness..they don't have to courage to fight their battles in the light of day...


Annie Oakley

Robaina doesn't have a CCE...and he certainly wouldn't work in concert with Rivera. Zapata maybe; but not Rivera. Robaina and Rivera are at opposite ends of the Cuban front.

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