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More insight into Rangel's views on Cuba?

New York Dem Rep. Charles Rangel (pictured below) has long tried to relax the economic embargo against Cuba, but has offered little insight into his motivations - other than maintaining that the decades-old policy isn't working.

Rangel_2But DC-based Politico today profiles Rangel's chief of staff, George Dalley, who perhaps sheds a little more light.

Dalley, 67, says he was born in Havana to Jamaican parents and moved to Rangel's district at the age of 6. The story says Dalley's parents "left Cuba, in part, because of the vast inequalities between rich and poor and the tensions those inequalities produced during tough economic times, especially for foreigners like themselves.

"They sympathized with the spirit of the revolution; they understood why the revolution occurred because a lot of poor people in Cuba felt they’d been denied the opportunity to prosper," he told the newspaper.

Dalley joined Rangel's staff at the end of the lawmaker's first term. The story notes the two "saw eye to eye on what they considered the failure of the U.S. embargo on Cuba, used by Fidel Castro to strengthen his control of the country to the detriment of its economic well-being.

George_dalley"Dalley," Rangel writes in his recent memoir, "Is the one person most responsible for my bonding with the cause of our Caribbean neighbors."

Photo: Politico.

Rangel has recently caused a stir for helping Democrat Joe Garcia raise money in his push to unseat Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart.