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Packing heat in the park

The US Interior Department is asking for public comment on a proposal to let parkgoers carry loaded firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges.

The proposed update is available for comment at www.doi.gov. Interior notes there'd still be limits on poaching and target practice -- and a prohibition on carrying firearms into federal buildings.

Under the changes, no one would be allowed to openly display weapons, but people with concealed weapons permits could carry loaded guns. Others could possess them in parks if they are secured in a case or container inaccessible to minors.

National Park Service rules already allow guns -- but only unloaded and stored so they are not "readily accessible." Gun-rights advocates argue that restriction infringes on their ability to defend themselves.

The government is giving everyone 60 days to voice their opinion. So fire away.....


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wayne worthley

Me see big mean bear. Me got my gun. Me can defend against mean big bear.


Yes, they should be duly licensed, trained and checked out properly when carrying a concealed weapon. This world is getting crazier. Living in Miami...just going to Costco makes you want to be armed as the parking lot can be dangerous. So, it is my opinion that guys properly registered etc...should be ok to have.

R Baker

I've been a Police Officer for over 30 years. To not allow a Law Abiding gun owner to carry is letting him/her become a victim.
Does anyone think a criminal cares about the laws we already have on the books, NO! So don't restrict my right to carry and protect myself. Guess how long it would take a "Ranger" to respond for emergency assistance. Then they might not be armed. Oh, just like us cops they will write an extensive report.
Oh, Wayne the purpose is noy to shoot a bear, unless you are carrying a 44 mag or 50 cal, it's to protect you from Human Animals.

J green

Ridiculous that we have to fight to get this corrected. Ever since 1988 when I came down the back side of Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah Nat'l Park with my wife and her girlfriend, only to come up on two Deliverance types 'just hanging around' on the trail in the middle of nowhere, I hated being helpless. Nothing happened thank God, but we were sitting ducks. Had they been planning anything, they could have easily shot me and had their way with the women. That was the last time I did that, and you can assume anything you want about how I resolved my love of the outdoors conflicting with my fear of two-legged animals. The ability of a citizen to fight back should be any courageous country's solid viewpoint regarding criminals, and it's about time the good guys are given that fighting chance.

Calvin Lomax

I'm really beginning to wonder is theres any intelligence left in this country at all 1st; some clown think it should be lawful for college students to carry concealed weapons on campus; now some retard thinks it's OK to carry a concealed weapon in national parks; let's not stop there many people that live in the inner cities of America feel for their lives on a daily bases let's get them packing pistols to!!!

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