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Pray for evolution and abortion bill urges group

Saying the two pieces of legislation are their "top two priority bills," Florida Family Policy Council is urging people to "pray for the Evolution Academic Freedom Bill and the Abortion Ultrasound Bills during the final week" of the session.

The group said that "both of these historic bills face unique and sensative challenges." "At this point in the session, most of the grassroots lobbying efforts have been completed and we continue to work with individual legislators as necessary. Both these important measure hang in the balance over the next three days. We call upon you to join us in praying for the passage of these two critical bills...You have done great work contacting legislators when we ask you to do that. Now the remainder is out of our hands."

The group also asks that people "pray" that the House and Senate resolve differences in the evolution bill and that the Florida Senate will bring the abortion bill to a vote and that it will pass. The Senate is debating the ultrasound bill this morning.