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Rep. Ausley's "Let's get this party started" in Tallahassee bill

Normally the local bill calendar is pretty dry reading. But Rep. Loranne Ausley has a bill coming up on Wednesday morning that might be welcomed by those who live and work in and around the Capitol.

The Tallahassee Demcorat has sponsored a measure that would increase the number of permits that the state can issue to non-profit organizations that wish to sell alcohol in downtown Tallahassee. Current law limits the state to issuing three permits a year that last for no more than three days.

Ausley's bill would allow the state to issue up to 15 additional permits to a "bona fide non-profit civic organization" that has a valid street-closure permit from the city of Tallahassee and wants to sell alcohol in the public right-of-way. The area covered by the bill includes 1.5 square miles of Tallahassee, including the blocks surrounding the Capitol, as well as a good chunk of the campus of Florida A&M University, the Park Avenue chain of parks, the All Saints neighborhood near the Department of Education building, the Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center and the Florida State University law school.


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