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Rubio: support tax swap or get used to prop tax hikes

House Speaker Marco Rubio said late Thursday that he is confident the tax swap approved by the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission is a necessary antidote to fixing Florida's broken property tax system. And, while he's had some reservations, his lawyers have convinced him the language does not tie the Legislature's hands.

"I do not believe, as some do, that this will inevitably lead to a services tax,'' Rubio told the Herald."I am also confident that it doesn't have to lead to a limit in sales taxes to one cent.''

Because the state depends on property taxes to approve education, and education needs keep increasing, the pressure to raise property taxes never ends, he said. "I am a staunch believer that we cannot continue to rely on property taxes to fund education because it will inevitably lead to tax increases in the future. In fact, if you look at the reductions in per student funding this year is a result of our unwillingness to raise property taxes.''

On business and trade group opposition: "I think they're simply analyzing it on what an increased sales tax may do to their business models. It's going to make it cheaper to buy and live in a house in Florida. It's going to lower housing costs. That means there won't be continued upward pressure on wages. I don't think they're analyzing that fully that way.''

On Sen. Mike Haridopolos, the lone legislative voice in opposition to the tax swap: "Sen. Haridopolos is just concerned, and rightfully so, of what the climate might be like -- and being forced by the Constitution to raise certain taxes in order to set off the difference. I think that's a legitimate concern. If he's right, and he's able to prove his case and his argument, I don't think they'll get their 60 percent.''


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The People want their tax reform

Did Rubio flip flop again?


YES he did !!!!!!!!!!!!!! He certainly did beyond a doubt, unfortunately this was a very important issue and he wasn't consistent. I'm very disappointed in his actions. Reminds me of the time last year when he said all the right things trying to lower taxes then out of the blue he wanted to eliminate property taxes for all low income residents?????????? Seems like that would encourage every low income senior in US to move to FL for the rest of us to support????? He is a loose canon that you cannot trust!!!! He milk's the cow and then turns around at the last moment and spills all the milk!!!!

Dean Santoro

I was shocked, appalled and infuriated to read how Sen. Gwen Margolis, currently holding the state senate district 35 seat that I am seeking in 2008, has no issues with raising the toll charges across all of Florida by 25%. I was not surprised to see house minority leader Dan Gelber, who will be forced to leave his house seat this year due to term limits, agreeing with her. After all, the democrats have 'groomed' this seat for Gelber upon Sen Margolis' retirement from the legislature.
Again more of the same ole' same ole' in Florida's capital city. This elitist group of wealthy power brokers that inhabit the halls of Tallahassee time and time again prove how truly out of touch they are with our taxpayers. Every decision made to raise a fee here, a tax there, a charge there has a devastating impact on our resident of this great state.
Now more than ever we need sensible, fiscally responsible representatives in Tallahassee. This is another example in a long line of excesses by the governing class elite that forms the basis of my run for office. Don't let the $3000 suits, the fancy educations and the law degrees fool you: there are a den of foxes in the Tallhassee hen house.

So… do the RENTERS get any relief or just a raise in sales taxes? Poor people that rent and can least afford to have their taxes raised. College students that rent are going to pay more for everything too… books, food, gas, etc. And, now that it is much harder to qualify for a mortgage, it will further strap those trying to save up for the 20% down payment they will need in order to secure a loan.

Homeowners already get to deduct their mortgage interest and taxes paid on their property, off of their income tax return. They get Homestead exemption and Save our homes.

This bill is not fair to all of the citizens of FL. And that makes it just WRONG!

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