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Thurman and the Dems to storm the DNC ...

Florida Democratic Party chair Karen Thurman is in DC this week and she and the Democratic Florida House members, who confabbed Tuesday, will meet Wednesday with Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean to talk about the Florida delegate debacle.

Dean, who has said he wants the presidential nomination wrapped up before the party's August convention, said in a round of TV interviews Tuesday that he expects Florida and Michigan to be seated at the convention.

"The question is under what circumstance," he said, laying out two options: first, that a nominee will be selected and will "dictate the terms under which they get seated" and the second option: "that there'll be an agreement between the two candidates.

"Whatever we do has to be fair," he said. "Somebody is going to win this race with about 50.2 percent of the delegates and the person's going to lose this race with 49.8 percent of the delegates. Whoever is the losing candidate needs to feel they were treated fairly in this process."

Dean also rejected suggestions that he's failed to broker a deal.

"Most of those critics are people who have a particularly partisan angle to play," he said. "They want Michigan and Florida seated, as voted, because that would benefit their particular candidate. They don't want them seated because that would benefit their particular candidate. My job is to enforce the rules equally and fairly so that both candidates are treated fairly and that's what I intend to do...

"We have a set of rules, you have to play by the rules or this nomination is not going to be worth having," he said.


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Florida Democratic Party Chair has the power to recommend three people to be undecided delegates to the Democratic National Convention (of course, her antics and lies resulted in the DNC striking all of Florida's delegates).

Of all the people she could nominate she picked Senator Steve Geller (who like to scream, ineffectively, at the DNC and who created this mess) and Representative Dan Gelber (who also voted to create the delegate mess).

Is Thurman stupid or what?


NO I think the what is more like it.HowardDean is the one who messed all this up. Follow the leader follow the leader...that's why they are going in circles because there is no leaders.
Maybe someone should start a impeachment for Dean and Ring. If Michigan can figure it out so can Florida. Maybe that Wexler character in Florida should not get so involved in politics so we don't get people like Ring in office. He has race though Wexler guy....phew

Tells it like it is

The important thing here is for the 1.7 million Democrats who voted in January to fell like their vote is honored. The voters of Florida must not be disenfranchised, and that means that the allocation of delegates must reflect the January 29th vote. It sounds like we finally have our Democratic Congressional leaders and our Party leader working together to resolve this mess. The FDP and DNC must come to an agreement to have the DNC Rules committee reconvene and return our Superdelegates and our delegation by a formula that respects our vote.

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