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DNC preview: Wasserman Schultz v. Wexler on Hardball

Hillary Clinton supporter Debbie Wasserman Schultz takes the hard line on Hardball, saying that if the DNC on Saturday "decides to do anything less than seat our full delegation at the convention, then we are jeopardizing our opportunity to win the general election in November.

"We have very raw nerves in Florida from the recount and we can't have a repeat..." she said. Yet, asked by host Chris Matthews, whether there'd be a Dem nominee by the end of June, she said "I think we will."  (One major question is whether Clinton would appeal a (likely) DNC decision that seats just half of Florida's delegates. The appeal would be heard by the credentials committee, which meets before the late August convention.)

Obama's campaign has opposed seating Florida's full delegation, based on the results of the unsanctioned Jan. 29 primary and Boca Raton Democrat Rep. Robert Wexler, Barack Obama's Florida campaign chair, said Obama is hoping to find "consensus."

"Sen. Obama has asked that Florida be seated, we hope that the DNC on Saturday will bring this to a finality so Floridians will feel they've been heard," Wexler said.


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Political Pundit

Wexler masterminded the disenfranchisement of democratic voters with Ring and Crist. He needs to be removed from office. Who does he represent...himself???

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