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Fidel Castro endorses Obama?

    Does former Cuban leader Fidel Castro endorse Sen. Barrack Obama for U.S. president?

   A photo-shoped image released by the Republican Party of Florida seems to promote that idea. It shows Castro, wearing an Adidas jacket and sitting on a sofa, holding up a poster of Obama toward the camera.

   "I love this guy!'' a headline above the photo reads.

  The ad copy goes on to say: "Fidel Castro Endorses Obama. He has chosen Obama as his favorte candidate...due to his willingness to visit foreign dictators without preconditions.''

    Then it calls on the three Democratic congressional challengers to take a stand: "Will Joe Garcia, Raul Martinez and Annette Tadeo finally denounce Obama's plan...?''

      Garcia, who is vying for the seat held by Republican  U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, blasted the RPF for releasing the doctored image, calling it a scare tactic aimed at elderly Cuban voters.

    "This is the Diaz-Balart-style of politics that uses the suffering of the Cuban people to avoid addressing the important issues affecting families in our community, such as the rising cost of fuel and lack of funding for schools,'' he said.


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The image is a fake. Here is the original: http://www.cubaencuentro.com/var/cubaencuentro.com/storage/images/encuentro_en_la_red/cuba/cuba_hacia_donde_y_como/castrismo_imagen_y_puesta_en_escena/fidel_castro/204959-1-esl-ES/fidel_castro_articlepopup.jpg


The image may be fake, but it communicates a definite truth. The Castro regime has always benefitted from Democrat Administrations:

Kennedy: Bay of Pigs debacle

Carter: formally recognizes Cuban regime; Mariel Boat Lift.

Clinton: 1994 rafter crisis in which Clinton gives into Castro's demand to increase Cuban migrant quota to 20,000; brothers to the rescue shootdown; Elian saga.

History has proven time and again the Democrats' proclivity to coddling leftist, anti-American dictators (i.e.: Castro, Ortega) while betraying pro-American allies (Shah, Uribe).

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