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How close was Zachariah Zachariah with the Bush family?

The former President Bush calls him "Zach,'' and the Bush currently in the White House calls him "Zee Zee.'' He has been a repeat guest at the family's Crawford ranch, the White House and on Air Force
One. And when Fort Lauderdale cardiologist Zachariah Zachariah had the Bushes over for dinner and served the green vegetable notoriously disliked by the former president, apparently no one flinched.

"Bush supporters flock to Zach's house like migratory birds,'' gushed former Gov. Jeb Bush at the dinner in 2004 for his brother's reelection campaign.

Zachariah's partisan zeal dating back to Ronald Reagan was the talk of Republican circles Tuesday, one day after he was charged with insider trading of IVAX stock. A political profile is here.