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Jews for McCain

For the second time in as many months, Republican presidential candidate John McCain is attending a "pro-Israel'' fundraiser in South Florida.

The $1,000-per-person luncheon is scheduled for June 6 at Jungle Island (formerly Parrot Jungle) in Miami.

The day before, McCain will be collecting checks at the St. Regis Fort Lauderdale Resort. The Florida swing next week will also include a visit to Orlando.


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Barry Kish

Any person of the Jewish faith that votes for Obama is going to get Jimmy Carter one more time. Obama is not a friend of Israel or of the Jews. Don't be swayed by his rhetoric. It is only rhetoric, he will without a doubt support anything coming from the Palestinians. Any person that would want to have a meeting with Iran, a country that believes the holocaust never happened and wants to annihilate Israel isn't pro-Jewish or pro-Israel.

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