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La vida loca!

Days before the primary in Puerto Rico, Ricky Martin has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

"These elections will have historic repercussions both in the United States and the world," the Puerto-Rican born "5-time Grammy award winning artist" said in a release sent out by the Clinton campaign.

Ricky"Senator Clinton has always been consistent in her commitment with the needs of the Latino community. Whether fighting for better education, universal health care and social well-being, as First Lady and senator from New York -- representing millions of Latinos -- she has always fought for what is most important for our families."


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Ricky Martin is a wonderful smart man; the Obama people have old guys like B. Springsteen and John Kerry..we have the ever wonderful Ricky Martin.
Ricky is articulate, loyal and loves all people, especially Latino people.



Ricky ain't playing with a full deck.

The campaign is OVER.

Hillary has LOST.

Endorsing Hillary at this point is stupid and pointless.


Who's running for President Maria? Ricky Martin? Springsteen? Kerry?

No it is Obama, Hillary, and McCain. Are you even old enough to vote? If you are your comments are an example of voters who vote for everything except the actual issues affecting AMerica or will affect America such as niave voters voting for BUsh and did not see it coming. At least being naive will not lead you to vote for Mcain I hope.

Carlos Raurell

Is this a joke?

Maria C. Regalado

Bravo Ricky, you are only telling the truth. This campaign is not over until is over. This is democracy at work.


**News Flash**

Tito Puente endorses Mike Huckabee.

...oh wait.


Give me a break, we dont care what happens in corrupt Peorto Rico. Like you are even a state to begin with. What the hell does Ricky have to do with politics anyways. Give me a break.


who....cares...at....this ....point?


Ricky Martin endorsing Hillary Clinton at this point shows just how Dumb founded he is,,,who in their right mind jump aboard a sinking ship, if he had any sense let alone common sense, he would have endorsed Sen. Obama, and maybe, just maybe it could help do some good with the Latino community. ENDORSING THE CLINTONS IS LIVING LA VIDA LOCO”


this is heartbreaking!!! i love Ricky Martin! but must I remind everyone of what the Clintons did for the "Latino" community? they supported a series of non-binding resolutions concerning "Latinos" and honoring them while simultaneously commiting to do nothing, which is, at the very least, consistant.


This is a message specifically to Ricky Martin as well as the rest of the Latino Community! To endorse Clinton or any candidate for that matter based on the fact that it will be good for the "latino community" is out of touch with reality. Ricky, we have to think forward looking not in silos. To think in only "Latino" terms is thinking in a silo...the same goes with every other community. We, in America, do have many challenges being quite diverse. Nonetheless, we don't truly accept it. The president's job is to do what is best for the country regardless of ethnic community. Ricky, you do big things in other countries such as Tibet. If you want to be a leader for change in the so called "latino community" why don't you begin by investing your time & effort into education, programs, new industries. Think global in to how latin america can work in a partnership with us. Think Local, Act Global. Ricky, do you know that many latin-americans in the US do not even know their so-called latin culture and roots. Many can't even speak spanish correctly. Where are the latin community leaders? Take a look around you, why do you think the bad stereotypes exist about the latin community. Ricky, you are a person of the media that can make a difference. Invest your time & effort to be a community leader in the US by designing & implementing programs that foster education, striving for a quality of life. And just in case you & anyone is wondering, I come from a spanish-american family with fluency in 4 languages.


Are people mad for Ricky supporting who he thinks is right? Who cares if her chances are slim, I still support Hillary even if her chances are almost non-existent. Just because he's a public figure his support shouldn't be held to any different standard, millions if not more than Obamas supporters still support her, polls still show her with more support than Obama. Don't be folled by the media, this race was extremely tight, Obama never sweeped here, they are literally split by 5,000 votes.


Bravo and well said jack!


Hillary is the one.
Obama keeps embarrasing him daily with his mispeaks and fabrications of his own and family history. If he is the candidate..say hello to President McCain.
Obama is less experienced and prepared than George W Bush was in 2000..and look how our nation has fared.
Hillary has a plethera of plans and how to pay for them..knows how all facets of the government works..and has the caring for the American people that Obama has never demostrated. Obama has always been for himself.
In 2004 Obama said himself he was not prepared to be President..yet in less than a few months..his ego overcame that moment of reality.
I could have never believed that the Dems would be pushing for a candidate LESS qualified than GWB!! Who would have thunk.

No wonder the Dems keep loosing the Presidency


Obama, Hillary... get the celebrities...

Poor McCain will only get the votes!!!

January 20th, 2009... John McCain's Inauguration... write it down... there are still some hotel rooms available in Alexandria...


Right On Ricky; We latinos don't Back Stabb!




I couldn't say it better myself, Lillian! Bravo. The race isn't over and God help us if we're stuck with Obama after 8 years of Dubya.
Not that an endorsement from Ricky Martin will carry weight with anyone, mind you.
Go Hillary!

cuba libre

Puerto Rico is a state... IN DENIAL!


Ricky Martin Sucks! He should go crawl back under a rock. Why is he speaking out about Hilary? He should have come public when the media and rumors stated he is "GAY". He should speak up and say, I am proud to be "GAY".

By the way, Hilary SUCKS too! She is a LOSER! She does not know how to run a campaign. 31 million in debt. Used 11.5 million of her own money. Took money from a little boy(DESPERATE) If Hilary could not control the CLINTION'S HOUSE, how could she run the WHITE HOUSE???????? Putting up with CHEATING BILL for DECADES. I would like a woman in the white house one day but not Hilary. She is not worthy to be first lady. Hilary is leaving a LEGACY of "D"s. Desperation, disgrace,deception and debts.

Sir Frederick R. Freep

I guess that wraps up the flaming fruitcake vote for Hillary. He's juggled more balls than a trained seal. What good is an endorsement from a washed up loser like Ricky Martin? Now Obama will have to top this...perhaps he has Ricardo Montalban lined up? That rich corinthian leather bars in San Juan are sure to make even Ricky change his mind..


More krap from Obamas church. This clown is sinking quicker than my Sun-Ray in the last hurricane.

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