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'Proud to be an American,' not so crazy about Bush

One sign the Republican party has work to do in the Hispanic community: Country music singer Lee Greenwood got more applause than President Bush at the citizenship ceremony.

The roughly 3,000 immigrants at the Miami Beach Convention Center clapped politely when Bush, via videotape, greeted "my fellow Americans.'' But they leaped to their feet and waved miniature American flags during a music video of Greenwood's hit God Bless the USA.

"You have to respect him because he's the commander-in-chief, but I don't agree with the policies he has put in place,'' said 26-year-old Juan Salas, a Florida International University graduate from Nicaragua.

This is the ominous political climate facing the GOP in 2008, and it partly explains why the number of Hispanic Democrats recently surpassed the number of Hispanic Republicans in Florida.

Read the rest of Beth Reinhard's column here.


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Mia Pol

What are they teaching our wanna-be citizens these days?

The president is commander in chief of the armed forces. He is NOT commander in chief of the citizenry.

There is, of course, the office of the presidency, which always deserves our respect.

And finally there is the president himself, or herself one day. That's entirely up to each person.

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