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Save Our Homes challenge gets hearing

A class action lawsuit that asks the state to throw out the Save Our Homes amendment and reimburse newcomers to Florida who have been unfairly discriminated against got its first hearing in Leon County Circuit Court Thursday.

The case, before Judge Charles Francis, brought by three recent residents to Florida, alleges that the constitutional provision to cap property assessments at 3 percent a year and the new portability provision that allows homeowners to take the savings with them when they move discriminates against newcomers to Florida.Download soh_lawsuit.pdf

Here's the lawsuit.


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I sold my condo in Oct 05. I have been waiting patiently for the propsed Portablility however, Tallahassee cut me off.

When I sold my condo, I was paying $600 a year in property tax. Today, I could buy the exact same condo, at a reduced price than what I sold it for, and I would have to pay $3600 in property tax. FOR THE SAME CONDO!!

Here I am, a cash buyer, and it is the ridiculous property taxes that keeps me renting.

Thanks alot, Tallahassee

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