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Tax swap fight to become summer air war

Put aside the Clinton vs. Obama and McCain fights for a moment and consider a summer of political ads accusing black-hat corporate interests of getting million-dollar tax breaks at the expense of hard-working Floridians if they approve an amendment to the state constitution.

''Robin Hood in reverse'' is the image the Florida Association of Broadcasters wants viewers to have when the group donates hours of television ads and airtime between now and November to kill the tax swap, Amendment 5. The ads will focus on the fact that the tax swap would allow out-of-state corporations with properties in Florida to reap big savings when the tax bill drops for everyone.

"'We plan to make sure every voter, and every citizen knows what greedy corporate commission members tried to do and, when it's over, I hope they're all embarrassed,'' said Pat Roberts, executive director of the broadcast trade association.

He hopes to raise $5 million through the backing of nearly every major business association in Tallahassee, education groups and the Republican presiding officers of the House and Senate in 2010 -- Sen. Mike Haridopolos and Rep. Dean Cannon.

But the proponents, led by amendment sponsor John McKay, a former Senate president and tax commission member, plan to mount their own campaign to educate voters and push the amendment. Read full story here.


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Ima Fedup

Folks need to read between the lines on this one. It ain't necessarily about taxes, it's about education and how it will be funded.

Un-educated or under educated taxpayers probably won't ask questions when we raise taxes.

A. Huxley

Barney Bishop: ''The ace we have is with broadcasters -- and that could make the winning difference.''

His "ace" is a group that is calling his own members "greedy corporations?" This is a joke, right? He can't possibly be signing onto a campaign that will throw the entire real estate and development industry under the bus, right?

Stupid is as stupid does.

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