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Arnold: We disagree on drilling but we're both tan

Seeking to embarrass potential GOP veep candidate Charlie Crist, Democrat Barack Obama's campaign jumped on remarks by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who distanced himself from Crist on offshore oil drilling at today's climate change conference in Miami.

Obama's campaign conveniently distributed Schwarzenegger's quote that "anyone who tells you this will bring down our gas prices immediately and/or anytime soon is blowing smoke." Crist and Republican presumptive nominee John McCain have said offshore oil drilling should be on the table to help resolve the gas crisis.

But just minutes before, Schwarzenegger joked about the traits he shares with Crist. Images_2

"California and Florida have so much in common,'' he said. "Of course each of the states has a governor that is nice and tan. And each state has a governor that at any given time, can go to the beach and rip off our clothes and be seen in a bathing suit. And each of the states has a governor that could run for vice president..." As the crowd reacted, the Austrian-born governor added: "I know. You're right. He's the only one that can do it. I stand to be corrected."

Update: A spokesman for Schwarzenegger's office called to say that the governor was not referring to Crist or McCain when he talked about pols "blowing smoke."


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Among other things we can now call Charlie "Smokey"


Of course drilling right now won't produce any immediate drop in gas prices, just like going to college right now won't produce an immediate increase your earning potential. But both are smart decisions to make for the near future. And both have significant psychological value in knowing you are doing the right thing.
Drill here, drill now, pay less.


Blar dee blar. Drilling 'here' and 'now' wont do squat to assuage the various dogs barking at America's heels. We won't be paying less: by the time we'd actually manufactured viable gas, the rest of the world would have already moved on to cheap, renewable fuels. You can only suck so much Dinosaur-Juice from the planet before the stuff runs out, so we might as well figure something else out now, rather than procrastinate and look completely archaic to the rest of the world. Thhhbt!

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