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Dan Gelber's (half-vote) counts!

For those who woke up this morning wondering if the Democratic party restoring Florida's delegates was all a dream: the pinch-me-it's-real proof comes in the form of an statement from the Barack Obama campaign with the latest delegate count.

It says: "Number of delegates Obama needs to secure the nomination: 46. This delegate update is adjusted for the new number for the nomination (2,118) the pledged delegates won in Puerto Rico (17) and the Michigan and Florida superdelegates who support us (who count in the tally as .5 each)."

This is the first time the Obama campaign has acknowledged the support of Florida superdelegates. It even names them: U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor of Tampa, U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler of Boca Raton, state Rep. Joyce Cusack of Deland, Tallahassee Commissioner Allan Katz, and state Rep. Dan Gelber of Miami Beach.


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Do they too count as 1/2 of a citizen. We all know Wexler and Gelber have a half of a brain to endorse someone who is antisemetic...dumb and dumber

Miami voter

A gaggle of losers. They should all be replaced as soon as possible...November 4, 2008.


I love to get Gelber out of politics. Its a family affair with that guy. His little brother is running for a house seat uncontested for year now. As long as these guys can pull political favors at the expense of the taxpayer then we will never be rid of the guy.

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