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Haridopolos to McKay: Let's get ready to rumble

Sen. Mike Haridopolos, who has put together a coalition to battle the tax swap proposal going before voters this fall, issued a challenge on Monday to former Senate President John McKay. The Brevard County Republican wants to go mano a mano against McKay to debate Amendment 5, which Haridopolos contends will be a train wreck for the state's economy.

Haridopolos says that he wants members of the public to understand the impacts of the amendment - which calls for eliminating property taxes and then replacing some, but not all, of the money with a one-cent hike in the sales tax. He would like to hold debates in all the major media markets of the state. Haridopolos, who has not issued his challenge personally to McKay, said if the senator declines his invitation then his group, Protect Florida's Future, will go ahead and hold town hall meetings to talk to people about Amendment 5.


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Haridopolos isn't always impressive in person (its his very reserved demeanor), but he has the right position on this issue. (And he is infinitely more engaging than McKay, who can put RedBull to sleep). McKay tried this tax increase years ago, and got hammered by the fiscal conservatives. Too many of these guys have now drunk the Kool-Aid of the tax shift.
Go, Mike, go! Beat the crap outta McKay's lame tax shift scheme.


Amendment 5 will hurt us in the long run. It's pushing the problem down the road another few years. There's no plan laid out by its supporters on which tax exemptions to nullify, and we're going to be wading through murky water on this one if we vote yes. At least Senator Mike is willing to debate the issue. Lets listen to the debates and get the facts!

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