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Labor endorses Broward legislative candidates

The AFL-CIO in Broward finalized its endorsements for state legislative races this past weekend, but in one of the hottest races labor activists couldn't make up their mind.

Ken Gottlieb, Tim Ryan and Eleanor Sobel -- all former legislators running for Senate District 31 -- were endorsed by the AFL-CIO. The joint endorsement shows how the Democrats will struggle to differentiate themselves for voters.

"This is the curse of term limits,'' said Dan Reynolds, AFL-CIO president. "Broward County had three excellent house members and now they will have one good senator out of the three. The problem for labor is these particular three are three top-ranking legislators statewide.''

Other candidates who received AFL-CIO endorsements in Broward legislative races include Skip Campbell in Senate District 25, Chris Smith in Senate District 29, Chris Chiari in House District 91, Mark LaFontaine in House District 92 and Hazelle Rogers and Ken Thurston in House District 94.


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Sobel wins it hands-down.


Not so fast my friend. This one will be a barn-burner.


I agree with Marc... Sobel takes it with little effort. There are too many questionable sweet-heart land deals that both former Rep. Gottlieb and Rep. Ryan have to account for.


There are no sweetheart land deals for Ryan, so quit spreading rumors.


No one is spreading rumors, Puleeze. The facts will come out in due time.

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