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Martinez: "I'm kind of agreeing" with McCain on drilling

Florida Sen. Mel Martinez, once "joined at the hip" with Sen. Bill Nelson when it comes to opposing offshore oil drilling, told reporters at the Capitol today he's inclined to support John McCain's bid to lift the decades-old coastline drilling ban.

He said that if McCain's plan embraces the 2006 compromise that he and Nelson struck -- giving Florida a 125-mile buffer -- "the rest of it is something I can probably live with...I think it's about providing enough resources where the states want to do it and permit it."

McCain's stance puts him at odds with Florida Republicans' prior stances for at least the third time. McCain opposes a national catastrophe fund that Martinez and Gov. Charlie Crist back and voted against a bill that included money for Everglades restoration efforts. But when it comes to drilling, Martinez suggested the tide may be turning as gas prices rise.

"The governor seems to have agreed with him (on drilling) and I kind of agree with him so maybe things are changing in that regard," he said.