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Miami mayor withholds Obama endorsement

This update from Herald political writer Beth Reinhard, who is covering Barack Obama's speech inside the secure perimeter of Miami's Hotel Intercontinental:

In a noteworthy snub of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama,  Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, said he would not offer his endorsement today.

Diaz, who endorsed Hilary Clinton in the primary, said he would make a decision "on my own timetable."

The mayor is in the spotlight this weekend as newly installed president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and host of its conference, taking place this weekend at the Hotel Intercontinental. Obama was a featured speaker there this afternoon.

Diaz, however, said the purpose of the nonpartisan convention was to focus on urban problems.

Diaz also refused to say whether he shared the concerns of Cuban-exile protesters outside the hotel, who have condemened Obama as a terrorist. They have attacked him for having campaign advisors who helped return Elián Gonzalez to Cuba eight years ago. Diaz was a member of the legal team that fought to keep the boy with his Miami relatives.

"I dedicated six months of my life to that cause," Diaz said Friday. "I cringe every time I see the Cuban government use that boy for political purposes."


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I think the Miami herald should investigate the mayor to discover whether or not he is being bribed by the private secto to support privatizing Head Start. It has high standards now in public hands than it would in the hands of the private sector.

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