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Nelson: Drilling is not going to lower gas prices

Sen. Bill Nelson made one his first forays as a Barack Obama backer, bashing John McCain's call to lift the ban on offshore drilling.

Nelson on a conference call held by Obama's campaign said McCain's plan would do nothing to lower prices, which he said are being fueled by speculation in the markets.

"For a major candidate to say his answer is to drill off the coast of the United States shows a lack of vision,'' Nelson said. "It shows a coziness with oil companies and the Wall Street investment banks that are fueling this run up on prices."

And he accused McCain of flip flopping, noting McCain had opposed lifting the ban when he ran for the White House in 2000. But Nelson didn't answer whether he thinks the $4 price of gas means that offshore drilling will look a lot better to Floridians who once vehemently opposed drilling.


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No sane person expects drilling off Florida’s coast to drop gas prices next week, but it will help energy supplies in the future. How does Nelson think those tourists coming to Florida power their travels- pixie dust from Disney? No it takes OIL. If Clinton hadn’t vetoed ANWR drilling, we would have an extra million barrels of oil per day in the market TODAY and prices would be a little lower. Nelson flies between Florida & Washington all the time and guess what- the jet uses oil based fuel.

Liberal Democrats want us little people to drive shoe box cars and stop traveling to help reduce warming while they fly around the world in corporate jets-hypocrites.

Jeffery Dalton

Is McCain the Dumbest Human ever created or does he think I am?

Despite overwhelming Oil-dependency issues and environmental pollution Facts, OIL is not the answer, IT IS THE PROBLEM.

Toyota developed and tested the RAV4 EVC for 2 years before they started selling the 75+mph 100 mile average range car in Calif. in 2002.
Few know the story on that vehicle, Chevron got total control of the patent rights for the Battery and stoped its production.

At present there is only one (that I know of) Algae Biodiesel Power Plant in Florida, Neptune Industries fish farm in Florida City. Only one, based on 25 year old Technology !

Smaller reusable energy Power Plants like Neptune Industries, cleaner vehicles that run on Electric of H2O/HHO are the answer, not nasty Fossil Fuel Oil and the Technology is now available, built, tested and proven.

Only the use of Big Oil and Its politicians stands in the way.

We need to switch over now to cleaner and renewable fuel, not wait to drill and pump Florida waters for Oil that will not get to a refinery for at least 3 to 4 years from today.

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