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Obama: "As president, I'll keep the drilling moratorium."

Barack Obama is sked to address the press in a bit in Jacksonville and his campaign says he'll open with a vow to "keep the moratorium in place and prevent oil companies from drilling off Florida’s coasts."

"What wouldn’t do a thing to lower gas prices is John McCain’s new proposal to open up Florida’s coastline to offshore drilling," he said in remarks prepared for delivery. "In what is becoming a bit of a regular occurrence in this campaign, Senator McCain once had a different position on offshore drilling.  And it’s clear why he did – it would have long-term consequences for our coastlines but no short-term benefits since it would take ten years to get any oil.

"Well, the politics may have changed, but the accuracy of his original position hasn’t. Offshore drilling would not lower gas prices today. It would not lower gas prices this summer. It would not lower gas prices this year. In fact, President Bush’s own Energy Department says that we won’t see a drop of oil from this proposal until 2017. It will take a generation to reach full production.  And even then, the effect on gas prices will be minimal at best."


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Doug Crimm

Isn't it about time for Big Bill Nelson to come out backing Obama? So Bill... put your finger in the air and see how you are supposed to go on this.

Bill you can't get to be Veep without adequate sucking up. If you are going to show Obama you are no longer with Hillary then you're going to have to make him feel it. Multiple face lifts and a quality set of hair plugs will not get you the vice-presidency! Go Bill Go!!


Yeah, Obama, and the short term benefits of saving for retirement are minimal, so why bother.
Oh, right, because the LONG-TERM effects are very beneficial. Like if the USA could have drilled in ANWR or in the Gulf of Mexico ten years ago. But such vision would take a politician with JUDGEMENT, right?


This is stupid...

Obama's position is that of compromise unlike John Mccain who hands the oil lobby carte blanche with exactly what they wanted to continue to grow their record oil proficts. All the while holding the country hostage by not drilling in the millions of acres we gace them that DO have oil (no matter how they spin it even if they don't continue their record profit growth).

With mccain's offer the oil companies move their lobby from national to small local government officials...tell me that wouldn't be a shark feeding frenzy and a boiling stew of erupting corruption.

So please be more accurate in your stories.

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