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Obama camp: "We're not going to wake up on Nov. 4, worrying about one state"

Hmm, now would that be Florida? Barack Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, outlined the campaign's strategy for taking the White House today and though he pledged to play "a heck of a lot of offense" in battleground states like Ohio and Florida, he says there are other ways of winning.

"We're going to fight like heck to win Ohio and Florida and we think we've got a good chance to win both," he told reporters. "But there's a lot of other ways to get there, too."

Still, Plouffe pledged: "We're going to campaign harder in Ohio and Florida, spend more money, organize more aggressively than any presidential nominee in history. We're going to play really hard."

See his powerpoint here.


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No Deal

This guy has the nerve to come here looking for votes after he turned us into half people? Isn't the Florida suing the DNC over the way he got the nomination by discounting our votes? Tell him to count my primary vote before he comes looking for the presidential vote. There is all kinds of bad news about him on the internet. Checkout U-tube, "Obama's Strange Bedfellows" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNfRb87dtY4


Are you serious, No Deal? It was your own democratic party that turned you into half people--they went ahead with early primaries IN SPITE of knowing that as a result, their votes wouldn't count. The Obama campaign GAVE you votes, when every single candidate had agreed not to. Republicans in Florida also only got half a vote, so don't say that Obama's the only one.

But I expect you're actally another one of these Republican plants, complaining about such ridiculousness instead of arguing real issues.

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