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Obama: McCain "walked away" from immigration reform

Barack Obama pledged his support for immigration reform to a crowd of Hispanic leaders, accusing his Republican rival (who spoke first) of retreating on his vow to secure immigration reform.

He noted he and John McCain "used to work together to offer change on immigration....he deserves great credit for championing immigration reform.

But, Obama said, "what he didn't mention was that running for his party's nomination he walked away from that commitment. He said he wouldn't even support his own legislation if it came up for a vote."


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Obama is a 2 faced liar- when he was in the Illinois senate he voted against gun ownership and did the same in the US Senate. Now that he needs moderate voters, he is in favor of the recent Supreme Court ruling on the 2nd amendment.

Barack Hussain Obama is a liar.


Obama's poition on immigration and Cuba keeps changing. How do you trust someone who changes his opinion based on poll numbers. Very disheartening. He appears to be playing with the public.

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