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Obama on Elian: that was 8 years ago

838cuba_elian_gonzalez_xlat105_embe Speaking to reporters from a waterfront park along Jacksonville's St. John's River, Barack Obama briefly responded to the flap over his advisors' association with Elian Gonzalez:

"That was eight years ago and obviously it was a wrenching situation for the families but I'm running for president in 2008 and my focus is: how do we create a Cuba policy that will create political freedom on that island and allow the people who live there to prosper?'' Obama said. "That's not what we have right now.''

He referred to his "extensive approach'' he outlined last month to lift travel restrictions for family members of relatives in Cuba.


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Would Obama dismiss Nazi collaborators because it "happened 60 years ago" or 9-11 because if "happened 7 years ago"? He has no answer for the Clinton Administration's invasion of a private home to make Castro happy, so he dismisses it as old news. How cynical.


"THAT" is a "child" Obama.

Mr. Hector diaz

Yall please get off of it. You guys no what he means. If you live in the past how can you change the future. Its 2008 and its time for cuba to change. What about all the kids over in cuba who don't have a chance and need a change in rules and policy. Elian is smiling while you guys still crying about something he don't even probally care about.

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