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Rubio: linking drilling to gas prices is 'disingenuous'

Republican House Speaker Marco Rubio said in an interview with the Herald that he supports oil drilling off Florida's coast "if it can be done in a manner that's safe for our environment.'' But he challenged Gov. Charlie Crist and John McCain's implication that drilling could lower gas prices anytime soon.

"For anyone to represent that someone drilling off the coast in Florida is going to lower gas prices here or anywhere in this country is disingenuous and a flawed argument,'' he said. "Oil drilling could take 10 years before any oil is pulled out of the ground, and there are a large number of leases held by oil companies that are not being exploited now. We can't say we need more until we've exploited those.''

Rubio said he dislikes how the issue over oil drilling is portrayed as "black and white" because he believes there is a middle ground that can help the nation achieve more energy independence while not harming the environment.

"If our beaches are going to be polluted and oil is going to end up on our shores, I'm against it,'' he said. "But I do believe that we have an obligation to safely exploit our natural resources in this country and I believe we have the technology to accomplish that.''


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mary patray

Rubio... you are the one who is disingenuous! You are such a little weasle. Shame on the Governor for pandering to you by not vetoing all of your little pork projects that rape the State of Florida. Go away you little, little man.

mary patray

Who cares what Rubio thinks. He is nothing!

Max Alvarez

Rubio can't stand the fact that he has become completely irrelevant. Rubio is also WRONG! Again proving his lack of understanding of a simple issue. The price at the pump has been significantly impacted by oil futures prices. The news that we will begin drilling off of the coast, alone, will drive down the cost of oil long oil from such drilling is refined.


Marco Rubio is right in this situation. It will take ten years to produce and that is not going to help very much, besides it will destroy the Florida environment in which the Florida economy is surviving on. If you destroy the environment, then you are destroying the Florida tourist trade which is the whole Florida economy. Even if you do the oil drilling it will not even affect the price of gas. The cost of new construction and other variables will come in place and the price of gas will be just as high and to recoup the cost of construction the price will stay the same.
Last week Japan has introduced a car that runs on water, any kind of water. We should be investing in that kind of technology instead of wasting our time and money on drilling off the coast of Florida. There are cars that run on corn and old cooking oil and such and if you are so much worried about gas prices you should buy one of those. There are also cars that get over 1200 MPG (That’s right over 1200 MPG) and have had them for years. They may not look like the cars of today, but they get very good gas mileage. My dad back in the 60s put a car together that got over 70 MPG back then. There are carburetors that get greater mileage than the cars today are required to get but the oil companies bought them all up.
If GW Bush supports the idea of drilling of the coastline, then that should automatically bring up a red flag saying that it is wrong to drill off of the coast. Look at his record, lying to the American people about the war, breaking the United States Constitution, making the United States the most hated country in the world, has the worst intelligence in the world, has secret prisons, have prisoners on ships so the people can not get a fair trial which is illegal and that is stated by the United States Constitution and the United States Supreme Court , lying to the Red Cross, lying to congress about E-Mails, destroyed E-Mails and come up with missing E-Mails, lying to the United States Congress (which is a crime in itself), weakling the United States Constitution and our governing laws, giving out orders to just kill people (which is another crime), no matter what they have done, and take our country into a war that should not have eve been in and not catch the real person that started this war. Is OBL working for GW Bush and is that the reason that he has never caught him? I wonder!!! After all of GW Bush friends are from the oil companies and gas price shot up so fast in the last 7 some years.
Then you have to ask yourself how many times has the people complained about the gas prices and the government has started research on how the prices got to where they are and now they want another study instead of doing something about it. There are studies that have been paid for and they want to spend more money which there is none according to the schools, homeless people, and home foreclosures which need help vey badly. After years of study and nothing is done, Why?



Marco A. Rubio is Of Counsel in the Miami office of Broad and Cassel. He is a member of the Firm's Real Estate and Land Use Practice Groups.

The Oracle

Rubio is right when saying gasoline prices today wouldn't be affected by some oil entering the world oil market years down the road. And just the announcement that some oil will be entering the world oil markets years from now will hardly make a dent in the high gasoline prices of today that are hurting so many American families.

Closing what is called the "Enron loophole," though, would have an immediate impact, driving gasoline prices down by 25 to 50 percent, as some economists estimate. This "loophole," introduced by Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX) in 2000, led to the Enron disaster in 2001, that cost California utility rate payers billions of household dollars in increased fuel rates. This "loophole," which overturned 70 years of regulation of energy markets and oil futures speculators, has ended up costing U.S. households hundreds of billions of dollars in increased fuel costs since 2000.

And now that we've found out about this little "loophole" that has been so disastrous for U.S. families, Bush and the Republicans are refusing to close it, bringing back the old regulations that would dampen energy speculation, driving down gasoline prices in the process, because these Republicans are using the high gasoline prices, especially before the November elections, to smear Democrats for blocking attempts to open up the ANWR and off-shore sites to exploitation, implying that Democrats are responsible for the high gasoline prices, in an attempt to deflect the real blame for the high gasoline prices from themselves, and Sen. Phil Gramm's little "Enron loophole" of eight years ago.

I'm not fooled. And one way to check out whether Gramm's little "loophole" is to blame is to rescind it immediately and see what happens. It prices don't dip, then it isn't a factor, and can be reinstated. But if gasoline prices plummet to nearly half of what we are paying now, then we will all know who's to blame and who's cost American citizens hundreds of billions of dollars in excess fuel charges over the past eight years. Just a simple experiment.

Oh, right, Republicans won't allow this to happen, especially before November, proving to me, at least, what a bunch of lyin', cheatin', thievin' people they really are. But we already knew this, didn't we, after watching what Bush and Cheney have done to our nation, our cities, our military, our Constitution, since they've been in office.

Denver Mortgage

Wow Who would have thought that?

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